The news of President Donald Trump and first lady, Melania, testing positive for COVID-19 has prompted backlash about the administration’s approach to the situation. According to CNN, Trump visited New Jersey for a fundraiser on Thursday despite White House officials knowing that he was recently in close contact with his aide, Hope Hicks, who confirmed she had tested positive.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, who held a news briefing on Thursday without wearing a mask, didn't mention anything about Hicks' diagnosis during the press conference.

"I’m told a small group of officials were aware Thursday a.m. that Hope Hicks had tested positive," CNN correspondent Kaitlan Collins wrote on Twitter. "Despite that, President Trump traveled to New Jersey for a fundraiser and his press secretary held a briefing.

Collins added a note from a senior administration official, who said McEnany was not aware that Hicks had tested positive when she briefed Thursday.

Trump, who has become notorious for downplaying the coronavirus throughout the pandemic, may have put more people at risk during his trip to New Jersey. And the press secretary is also facing criticism for possibly knowing about the situation in the White House and still potentially putting more people in danger.

"She didn't even tell us. Didn't even tell reporters who were on the plane," Collins said. "There are going to be serious questions about the White House keeping that information not just from the reporters in the room but also from the American people about the state of the health of the President and the people that he potentially came into contact with."

Trump and Melania announced their diagnosis on Twitter early Friday — a few hours after reporters broke news about Hicks' diagnosis.