There's something about the alphabet. 

At least for 1-year-old Winston Moore, who recently went viral after his dad posted a video of them going over letters “M” and “W." 

Using foam letters, the baby’s dad, Pedro Moore, flips them to read one letter and baby Winston tries his hardest to pronounce what letter is shown. Yet, he absolutely cannot stop laughing. Between his infectious laugh, and his determination to pronounce “W," he's won over many hearts.

Is it that the letters are reversible that's so dang humorous? Or, is he just a giggly baby? Maybe there's something inherently hilarious about language mechanisms that little Winston has picked up on. We don't know, but the adorable clip has understandably captured the hearts of many.

The video was first posted to Winston's Instagram page last Wednesday with the caption, “For some reason, the letter “W” is just soooo funny to me!,” as well as his dad’s Instagram page. 

The video has since been reposted by Angela Rye, Tina Thompson and The Oprah Magazine. Baby Winston is set to appear on the Kelly Clarkson show on Monday.

The last time a cute Black father-son duo went viral was when a comedian was recorded discussing a TV show with his kid. And it seemed as if a substantial dialogue had been taking place. After capturing thousands of hearts, comedian DJ Pryor and his son Kingston also went on to capture the bag when they recreated their viral moment while starring in a Denny's commercial.