Wildly successful athlete and businesswoman Santia Deck has signed a multimillion-dollar contract to become the face of the new Women's Football League Association (WFLA) which is planning to debut in 2021.

Deck, who is known online as the "Queen of Abs," has been a successful track star, rugby player and flag football wunderkind and will now receive the first multimillion-dollar contract offered to a woman football player.

The WFLA, which will kick off with an Exhibition tour in May, held a draft in Las Vegas, Nevada. Deck was selected to join the Los Angeles franchise. 

She has a massive Instagram following along with endorsements, including one with NFL football producer HIGHandTIGHT. Deck was previously a decorated collegiate track athlete and became a celebrity fitness trainer before publishing a book and multiple fitness DVDs. 

In addition to her work as a social media consultant and public speaker, Deck is well known for dominating the women's flag football circuit.

Deck also has a syndicated talk show named Queen of Abs Fitness Show, which can be found on NPOWERED, iHolyfield TV and iSHE TV networks in a variety of U.S. markets and internationally. Her TV career is expanding beyond her talk show as she now prepares to be one of the featured cast members of FLEXX, which will appear on Amazon Prime.

"I have had many ups and downs in the sports world, but to know that I'm now the highest-paid female football player to date only confirms how God always has a plan," Deck said in a press release. 

After the WFLA's draft, she became the highest-paid player in the league. The league, which has 32 teams in two conferences, announced Ja Rule as one of the team owners last year.

The league is owned by CEO Lupe Rose and is looking for more people to purchase franchises. They have been holding tryouts across the country as women from around the globe try their hand at joining.