House Speaker Nancy Pelosi continues to walk the fine line between cringeworthy and well-meaning allyship. 

In anticipation of President Joe Biden signing a law that made Juneteenth a federal holiday, the Baltimore native participated in an awkward singing of “Lift Every Voice And Sing,” with Black politicians to celebrate the occasion on Thursday.

At the end of the song, Pelosi, positioned in front of the Congressional Black Caucus, led a round of applause for the unprecedented occasion.

People on Twitter, however, were not impressed.

One person tweeted that instead of symbolic gestures, the Democratic politician could be rallying support for one of many actual injustices to Black people.

“People can't feed themselves with symbolic gestures. Black people would disproportionately benefit from a higher minimum wage, cancellation of student debt, cancellation of medical debt and universal health care yet these policies are not being pursued but symbolic gestures are,” they wrote.

Others quipped that they’d rather her fight the uphill battle for reparations than to hear the rendition of what's been widely accepted Black National Anthem.

“Who needs reparations when you can have Democrats singing? Truly, the gift that keeps on giving,” a Twitter user wrote.

Despite the 81-year-old’s poorly received gesture, the congresswoman spoke graciously about the holiday on social media, calling it a “beautiful” celebration that should remind us all of the historical injustices that have and continue to plague this country.

“#Juneteenth is a beautiful & proud celebration of freedom for Black Americans commemorated for 156 yrs by millions around our nation. This day reminds us of a history much stained by brutality & injustice and reminds us of our responsibility to build a future of progress for all," she tweeted. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time the internet has called out the politician for pandering behavior.

In April, she drew the ire of many after she awkwardly thanked George Floyd for "sacrificing" himself in the name of justice at a news conference following the conviction of Derek Chauvin, Blavity previously reported

"Thank you, George Floyd, for sacrificing your life for justice,” the House Speaker said on Capitol Hill shortly after Chauvin's conviction. “For being there to call out to your mom, how heartbreaking was that. Your name will always be synonymous with justice."

Last year, the House Speaker joined Democratic colleagues in wearing kente cloths and kneeling to memorialize Black lives lost to police violence, according to USA Today. The group later introduced the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2020, a measure that seeks to change the national scope of policing and stamp out violence against Black communities.

"We were there for eight minutes and 46 seconds on our knees," Pelosi told reporters following the demonstration. "My members will attest, it's a very long time. It's a very long time."