Darren Watkins Jr., who is better known as iShowSpeed, has bought his very first house. The streamer gave his fans a house tour on a livestream, which he then posted on YouTube.

“What’s good, YouTube, y’all. I finally bought myself a house up here in my hometown, you know what I am saying, chat,” he said as an opening to the tour. “I am going to give you guys the house tour. This is the first house that I have bought.”

The 18-year-old says the house is worth $10 million. He decided to purchase property in his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. Watkins brought viewers along and showed his bedroom, bathroom, closets, main entrance, home gym and jacuzzi. He celebrated by doing a backflip in his pool.

Watkins is one of the most popular streamers and internet personalities. He is known for his humor, love of soccer and for having collaborated with his industry peer and friend Kai Cenat.

Watkins currently has over 21 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel. The channel on which he shared a clip of his house tour is where he posts highlights from his livestreams. He boasts over 7 million subscribers on this channel alone.

The streamer won the Variety Streamer of the Year award at the Streamy Awards last May.