As far as we're concerned, the protests against police brutality and racial inequality shouldn't let up until true, tangible change comes. 

Some cities have seen nearly two months of continuous protests as Americans ramp up their efforts to bring justice for the continuous wrongdoings that occur at the hands of law enforcement, politicians, "Karens" and other vigilantes who hide behind a cloak of white privilege to justify their racist antics.

As millions await the trial for Derek Chauvin, the officer who killed George Floyd, others are continuously pleading for Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron to formally charge the three officers who took the life of Breonna Taylor in her home on March 13.

The media may have turned its attention away from citywide demonstrations, and social media users may see their timelines return to sepia-heavy brunch photos — but we are far from ensuring that, no matter the circumstances, Black Americans receive fairness across all industries and sectors.

Ahead, we've outlined 41 imperative reasons we should continue protesting, even after #BlackLivesMatter is no longer trending.