Flyana Boss are the February cover story stars for Blavity.

I cannot escape the dialogue surrounding a lack of age-appropriate fashion inspiration for young girls, leaving them to rely largely on the revealing stylings worn by influencers of prominence. But the leading ladies of hip-hop’s funkiest duo may be changing that.

Now, celebrities should never act as sole role models for children, regardless of their aesthetic stylings. The limit to the multitude of ways this can go wrong is incalculable, so we can leave that where it lies. Still, there is something to be said about the unignorable ways in which the current “It” girls of the moment influence the younger generations. Thanks to social media, girls of any age can follow and, in certain instances, emulate the often provocative styling decisions of our favorite baddies. 

Enter Flyana Boss, the hip-hop duo that ran their way into our hearts through a fisheye lens with their catchy TikTok anthem “You Wish” in 2023. The pair have paved their own eccentric lane at the intersection of hip-hop and whimsy, reimagining what influential figures in fashion can look like for a younger demographic. Please make no mistake: some of their fits are explicit in manners similar to a few of their lyrics. But the overwhelming majority of their steeze can be categorized by colorful hair, eye-grabbing patterns, oversized t-shirts, and baggy trousers.

Their style offers a nostalgic fondness reminiscent of the OMG Girlz, who were the pinnacle of flyness for me as a middle schooler. 

Again, the subject matter of their songs may not fall under the PG-13 classification (these are still grown women), but a good number of their fitts can serve as appropriate inspiration for the younger generations without the patronizing marketing associated with some of the clothing marketed to tweens today.

Even if their style shifts away from their current quirky MO with time, what they represent for this present moment should be appreciated. None of this is shade towards any influential figures in the hip-hop space but a reminder to appreciate the diversity Flyana Boss brings to the current conversations surrounding attainable and appropriate styling inspo. This is also not exclusive to tweens, as anyone looking to deviate from the current trends in a way that encourages and celebrates creativity can likely see themselves in the self-proclaimed “weird” girl energy of this fun-to-watch group.