The tension on Love Island USA hit a peak during Movie Night with the shocking revelations from Casa Amor.

Kendall Washington’s actions took center stage, specifically how he reacted when the other boys surprised. Nicole Jacky, who is coupled with Kendall, said she was shocked by the behavior as well.

During Casa Amor, Kendall was seen encouraging Kordell Beckham and Aaron Evans to pursue Daia McGhee and Daniela Ortiz Rivera, despite their strong connections with Serena Page and Kaylor Martin in the main villa.

In Casa Amor, Kendall’s s response to Kordell’s guilt over the situation appeared dismissive, downplaying the Kordell’s relationship with Serena, saying “Daia brought this side out of you bro and I’m obsessed with it because you are so excited you’re hyped off life in here.”

Kendall actively supported Kordell’s connection with Daia, encouraging him to embrace the newfound excitement. He emphasized the importance of being genuine and enjoying the experience without overthinking, but never defended Serena, who he said was his friend.

Serena Page checks Kendall Washington

When scenes from Kendall’s conversations with Kordell were shown at Movie Night, Serena, apparently hurt by Kendall’s actions and feeling betrayed, expressed her disappointment. She felt particularly wounded when Washington compared her relationship with Beckham to what he could have with McGhee, diminishing her feelings.

Kendall’s conduct during Casa Amor and subsequent events at Movie Night created rifts within the villa, drawing strong reactions from both Serena and other islanders.

Fans also directed their ire toward Kendall when he was telling Serena he supported her and Kordell (despite pushing this Daia relationship narrative on to him), as well as when the islanders saw the movie night footage.

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