During his visit on the Full Send podcast, Donald Trump shared his thoughts on who he likes momentarily in the rap game.

Trump was asked to give his opinion on some of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities using one word —he did not hold back.

The first celebrity Trump was questioned about was Twitter CEO Elon Musk, whom he described as “smart.” When asked about President Joe Biden, Trump called him “dumb.” Kim Jong Un was referenced, and Trump described him as “interesting.” Trump called his old pal Kim Kardashian “disingenuous.”

Going a step further, Trump was asked his thoughts on Ice Spice. Trump was unfamiliar with the young talent, but the podcast hosts introduced him to her work.

“Who the hell is Ice Spice?” Trump asked.

The hosts responded by explaining just how big her breakout record “Munch,” was and he gave it a thumbs up.

“Well I like it, okay?” Trump said. “I like it.”

Trump was a famous socialite before his presidency so the podcast game seems pretty on-brand for him. Plus, Trump isn’t unfamiliar with the world of rap; he has befriended and gained support from a few artists throughout his political run, HipHopDx reported.