The last few years have proven to be that of a renaissance era in hip-hop with the resurgence of female rappers dominating the conversation. Previously, we’ve seen this particular industry governed by the likes of men creating content centered only around the male gaze, and thankfully, women have returned to take their rightful thrones in the rap game. With the long-awaited influx of female voices that represent an entire generation of women’s experiences, one MC quietly clawing her way to the top is none other than Chicago’s own, Dreezy. Known for embodying the fierceness of veterans twice her age and the fashion sense of any model fresh off the runway, Dreezy is making a name for herself as one of the most revered voices of this generation and beyond.

While the Chicago native has proven herself as a consummate professional capable of transforming her thoughts into powerful deliveries of wordplay, charm and wit, she’s much more than that. Dreezy sat down with Blavity News to discuss her new music, the impact that women have had on hip-hop and how her hometown of Chicago has influenced her sound.