The Golden State Warriors dynasty is effectively over with all-star guard Klay Thompson’s recent exit. A journey that began with former point guard Mark Jackson at the helm helped guide young superstars Steph Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson. When Steve Kerr took over, he unlocked something more in each of his stars. Those intangibles led to four championships, with two coming back to back. But this dynasty’s journey had its share of twists and turns. So, how should we contextualize the Warriors’ run now that it’s over?

Firstly, we have to give credence to how this team was originally constructed. They were built from the ground up, through the draft. Of the Warriors’ Big 3, each was drafted by them. That’s a rarity for a team to cultivate their talent, and then win at the highest level with them. With Steve Kerr’s insistence on “small ball,” it allowed a level of movement on the court — something that had never before been seen by this team. With Green usually advancing the ball and setting up the offense, setting staggered screens became commonplace. They freed up Curry to go crazy from beyond the arc and allowed Thompson to lay in the cut for a spot up three, if necessary.

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Due to the splash brothers’ propensity to take and make threes, they became an offensive juggernaut. So much of a juggernaut that they won an NBA record 73 games in 2016. Certainly, the Warriors would repeat during this season, right? That’s wrong. They lost in more NBA record fashion by giving up a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals. LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and the rest of the Cleveland Cavaliers avenged their loss to the Warriors the year before. Many cite a game-five ejection of Green as a reason why the Cavs were able to come back. This was probably the start of Green stubbing the toes of the Warriors regarding their overall goals.

Part of this dynasty is certainly recognizing how some of Green’s indiscretions on the court could kick the team’s success in the behind. One season after an on-court spat between Green and Kevin Durant, Durant found himself wanting out. He headed to Brooklyn the following season as a free agent. Following that whole exchange, the following summer a video leaked of Green cold-clocking Jordan Poole, his then teammate during a practice. That incident being leaked pretty much fractured the rest of that season. Poole was eventually traded in favor of keeping Green on the squad. Since this incident, the Warriors haven’t found championship success. This isn’t to say that Poole was the key, but team chemistry for sure had to have been compromised.

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Since then, the Warriors have had a mixed bag of success in the past two seasons. But in their time together, Curry can boast of having the most three-point shots made in history and counting. And the team can boast of having the greatest regular season ever, as well as winning four titles within 10 years. It’s another example of sustained excellence in sports. So how should we remember the Warriors? As a team, they played for each other and revolutionized what living and dying by the three meant. Their abilities defensively, could rival their successes on the other end of the court as well. This group of talent will never be forgotten, and they’ve provided one blueprint for success in the NBA. We should laud the Warriors franchise, now that this era of competition is over. They’ve unequivocally left their mark.