Michigan gubernatorial candidate Shri Thanedar thinks fried chicken is the way to get the black vote.

Thanedar posted a picture of himself eating at Popeyes to invite voters to a debate hosted by the so-called Black Caucus on Facebook, according to Splinter.

"At the Popeyes on Woodward and Manchester," read the caption. "Here to attend the gubernatorial debate for the Black Caucus at the Ford Recreation Center in Highland Park. Will I see you there?" 

Thanedar is running as a Democrat and dubbed himself the “fiscally savvy Bernie,” but his shenanigans drew comparisons to Donald Trump’s attempt to sway Latinx voters with his infamous taco bowl picture.

When asked about the faux pas, Thanedar demonstrated an obvious lack of PR training.

“I just happened to be [there]… I love spicy chicken,” he responded. 

The picture was deleted, but Thanedar says controversy had nothing to do with it.

He said he deleted the picture because the event was over, and “there was no point” in keeping it posted.